VeDiS 3

VeDis 3 by Autoland Scientech

Autoland’s most economical handheld scan tool, slim design, touch keypad, is the fastest in the industry.  2018 VeDiS3- J 2534 for Volvo is inside

- J 2534 for Toyota is included

- J 2534 for Ford

- J 2534 for Jaguar-Land Rover

- No External Interfaces

- Module Auto-detection automatically pulls VIN

- 7” LCD Screen

-  Touch Screen Keypad

- Quick and easy updates via LAN

-Wireless printing

-Includes PC Scanner software for remote control of Base Unit 

Powerful coverage:

-Access to 40 makes

-Coverage to OE systems (Not just a generic scan tool) Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control and all the rest. 

Functions include Read, Clear, Data Stream, Activation's, Adaptation, Coding and Service Resets

 -Programs Keys

 -Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors

 -VIN rewrite

 -Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor ID registration

 -Idle Learn

 -Small Case Convenient for Storage

-EVAP and EGR tests

Only $2850!  

includes 1 years access to updates and hardware guarantee!


Without OBDI connectors


Financing is a click away!