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    AutoDiagCart can now help you do EVERYTHING!! VAG, Mercedes, Ford, Mazda, Toyota! YES that means coding and programming as well as SCN coding for Mercedes ! VAS SVM/GeKo (in the USA). 
    -We have been helping auto repair shops for thirty + years!
    -OEM full package, J-2534 and PC, or after market tools, what is right for you?

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    We monitor the evolution of OEM websites, and new products and services.
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    Tech Support


    Our customers depend on us when they have a car down. We are the first people they call before reaching out to distributor Technical Support!

    -We actually answer calls!

    -Regular hours and Nights, weekends, Holidays.

    -We will help with scanner updates.

    -Replacement parts.

    -Service resets.

    -Software installations.

    -Diagnostic procedures.

    -Industry updates.

    -You name it! We will try to help.




    We won't stop working your project until you are satisfied.


Current Laptop's 

Dell e-6420 i7     Dell E-6420 i7, HDD is 2 T, will run up to 8GB's of DDR4 RAM 4 in stock


Dell E5510 is our most popular laptop, 1-2 terabyte Seagate Semi Solid State Hard Drive, 8Gbs of DDR3 ram, Windows 7 or 10. 

Native serial port, supports Win XP, 7 and 10 15 in stock







The Dell E5500 is coming back in stock as we upgrade our customers! A great choice for VCDS or older less demanding software's! Call and check to see what we have in stock! Used from $100 4 in stock







CF-72 is a Toughbook. The last one that we have! Free with VCDS pro kit!

Financing is a click away!




VAG-COM by Ross-Tech

If you work on Volkswagen / Audi and don't have a VAG-COM in your shop, you are missing out on the best diagnostic tool for your money !


Randy Anderson
Automotive Diagnostic Solutions has been a great help to our shop here in Texas. We bought an i Scan-II WT in 2013. It has been great. We work on a lot of newer Euro cars and we wanted to be able to replace and program modules vs sending our customers to the dealers.
We spoke with Richard Zenteno, Marketing manager for … read more