Diagnostic rental

Automotive Diagnostic Solutions is now renting diagnostic systems.

The packages will include all that you need to finish a programming and coding job.

A laptop PC with OE software installed.

A 100 amp Powermax with adjustable voltage programming power supply.

Factory connector or equivalent.

Live Tech support for session.

50" CAT cable with switch and 10/100 USB to LAN adapter

Currently we fully support these brands.

Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Sprinter

BMW, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce

Jaguar Land Rover No Pathfinder cars until we buy the DoIP connector




Ford with FJDS and FDRS installed as well as a full IDS option

GM GDS cars only for now


Coming soon……

Hyundai Kia

Nissan Infiniti

Volkswagen Audi

FCA group

Call 720-291-7724 now to get more details.

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