VeDiS 3

VeDis 3 + by Autoland Scientech

Autoland’s most economical handheld scan tool, slim design, touch keypad, is a great choice for any shop.

Support On Demand is included in the purchase price and allows remote application of factory diagnostic and programming over the Internet. Compare to Drew Technologies RAP. Compare to AStech. Compare to AirPro Diagnostics. We support with experience European brands that these lesser services can't

VeDis 3 features:

- Supercar diagnostics includes Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Nissan GTR

- Heavy Duty Truck includes Fuso, UD Truck, Hino, Dyna, and Isuzu

 2018 VeDiS3- J-2534 choices include:

Volvo for Vida

Toyota/Lexus/Scion for Techstream

Ford works with both FJDS and FRDS

Jaguar & Land Rover for Symptom Driven Diagnostics

Honda for the Honda Diagnostic System

General Motors for using TIS 2 Web for GDS cars

Supports use of the Subaru Select Monitor 4

- No External Modules!

- Auto-detection pulls VIN

- 7” LCD Screen

-  Touch Screen Keypad

- Quick and easy updates via LAN

-Wireless printing

Powerful coverage:

-Access to 40+ makes

-Coverage to OE systems (Not just a generic scan tool) Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control and all the rest. 

Functions include Read, Clear, Data Stream, Activation's, Adaptation, Coding and Service Resets

 -Programs Keys

 -Calibrate Steering Angle Sensors

 -VIN rewrite

 -Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor ID registration

 -Idle Learn

 -Small Case Convenient for Storage

-EVAP and EGR tests

Only $2900!  

includes 1 years access to updates and hardware guarantee!

OBDI connector package $450


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