Romess Gauge for Mercedes

Post Collision

All cars with Active Cruise Control require calibrations. Your alignment machines do not have an inclinometer function built in! 

You must measure chassis sag with a CM 09606

If you R & R the radar transmitter or the front clip it mounts to, calibrate it! It is done with the Distronic Adjusting Device 09807-10

Important note bottom of page!


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Check out the CM 09606 at this link;

Check out the Maybach Tools at this link;

Check out the Distronic device 09803-DTR at this link;

Check out Distronic 09807-10 at this link;

Check out the 09905 at this link;

Check out the RNW 2009 steering wheel inclonometer at this link; What is the most common after alignment come back? Steering wheel does not point straight ahead!

Check out the 09630 at this link; 

Important note!

We have talked with many alignment shops and Mercedes-Benz specialists and all of them have said that they are cheating this process! Some shops are arbitrarily entering numbers, others are using an I Phone with its levelling App. The i Scan offers several different inclonometer settings to choose. Some shops just keep clicking until the Distronic accepts the last choice. This is a very bad idea.


Once the lawyers get hold of a shop and determine that they can deny a big $$$ claim based on an incorrectly calibrated Distronic system, they will never let up! If you are doing alignments on Mercedes-Benz Distronic vehicles and do not have access to a Romess gauge you are liable. You should not be doing them!

TECHNICIANS Don't let this happen to you!

Technicians are the first people that get sued for a settlement. Once the technicians liability policy assets are gone, They take your house and money! Then the insurance companies go after the store or dealerships assets!

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