E-iScan (Mobile)


Body shops print initial and post scans!

Wireless or Bluetooth, Cloud based Android OS!

DOWNLOAD to your mobile device before purchase!

Autoland’s e-i Scan requires an Internet connection. Software updates daily, less than 60 second boot!

Access to 40 makes and models.

Coverage includes High & Low speed CAN systems!

 PCM, TCM, ABS, SRS, SAS, TPMS, BCM, DSC, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control, most vehicle systems. 

Functions include Read, Clear, Data Stream, Graphing, Activation's, Adaptation and Coding as well as Service Resets and battery registration on BMW and Volkswagen-Audi brands!

Programs Keys

OBD-I & II for only $995!

OBD-II only $795

Yearly renewal $300



Financing is a click away!